Measure site speed on iPhone in The Netherlands

Are people visiting your website from The Netherlands? If so, some of them will probably do that on an iPhone. And you will want to make sure they get a good user experience.
When using the web on a mobile phone, 75% say slow load time is the biggest problem and 60% will probably not return to the site if it was slow. [Equation Research].

Do you know if your site is fast or horribly slow on an iPhone in The Netherlands? Now you can easily find out, by using the free Blaze Mobitest Performance Tool.

Getting started with the Mobitest Performance Tool

The Mobitest Performance Tool uses real iPhone (and Android) phones to measure page load time on a mobile device. It's very easy to use and pretty self-explanatory, but I wrote down a few things anyway that might be useful.

1. Enter your website URL.

Type in the URL that your visitors will most likely use to enter the site on a mobile phone. If you have a mobile website on a separate domain (e.g., you might think of using that. But maybe you shouldn't. Check your web analytics data to find out how many people with an iPhone, Android or other phone type in your 'regular' website URL (and get redirected to the mobile site). If that percentage is high - and that is likely - you need to use that URL. Otherwise you are testing the wrong user experience.

2. Choose a test device/location

Mobitest - select device/location At this moment you can use the tool to test mobile web performance from Ottawa, Canada (Android and iPhone), from Washington D.C., USA (Android) and from Amsterdam, The Netherlands (iPhone). Simply select the device/location you want in the drop down menu.

3. Select a number of runs

Don't do just 1 run. It's better to select "3 runs". Mobitest will show the results of all tests (more on that later) and show the average of the 3 runs. That gives a much better picture.

4. Enable Video Capture?

This is great. You will get to actually see how the page loads on the iPhone.
But be aware of the fact that enabling video capture for the mobile web performance test will influence the results: the load times will be (a bit) higher.

5. Make Tests Private?

Click the checkbox if you don't want the results to show up in the public test history archive.
Remember to bookmark the page!

Interpret the results

Mobitest - percentile score

The results page is clean and easy to use.
Above the fold you will see a screenshot or link to the video and to the right of that is a table that shows the (average) load time in seconds and the total page weight in kilobytes. Below the table is a big fire icon with a number on it. The number shows you in which percentile the load time falls. It's a nice indicator for your site's relative speed.

Scroll down to see the results for each test: Load time, Page size, Waterfall chart and Screenshot.
The waterfall chart does not break down the load time of each resource into DNS, connect, TTFB and Transfer not just yet. Blaze is working hard on this. The green line indicates the Start Render time: when did something first appear on the screen?

Enough reading about the tool. Go measure your website's mobile performance with the Mobitest Performance Tool !

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